I am a qualified NLP practitioner trained by co-founder John Grinder and provide peak performance coaching for team and individual development. As a coaching and consulting professional, I am passionate about behavioural change. I’ve since gone on to train as a facilitator for Myers-Briggs (MBTI) and am a member of the Association for Coaching.

In addition I deliver behavioural and development change programmes to students, from ages 10-16+, designing bespoke programmes into schools that lead children to improve their self-esteem, confidence and aspirations.


IT’S TIME TO GET THE LIFE YOU WANT! Having spoken prior to the session, I’ll have clear idea of what you want to achieve; allowing the session to be designed uniquely to your needs. I can arrange your coaching session to be at a convenient and comfortable location.


ARE YOU READY FOR REAL RESULTS? You’ll learn how to breakthrough your challenges and get real results! To be clear of the obstacles; to feel in control again; quieten those impish voices that add problems and few solutions. Start now to get the life you deserve!


AT THE HEART OF LONG-LASTING CHANGE NLP techniques that have been exhaustively tested over the decades since the field was first established. These techniques can provide you with a deeper, more profound way of enabling faster change and long lasting results.

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My Mission

I’m passionate about zapping what you want to change and guiding you to increase your inner strength and get more resourceful. The techniques used in coaching, particularly with NLP, apply to many areas of our lives – with dramatic and life-changing effect.


A selection of comments and feedback from recent group and individual sessions:  from this week: “Thank you very much for this morning – feeling inspired!“ “I’m doing really well .. the work we did together and the techniques you taught me have really helped me to manage my mind much better. I’ve noticed my less effect […]