Determination Becomes Your Motivation

This quote was a real perspective shift for me and made me value my discipline and determination even more. And it’s something I implore you to bring into your life, especially when your will power or motivation runs dry.

“You will never always be motivated. You have to learn to be disciplined”

I know that it’s massively hard to commit to your goal when all the motivation you had seems to have gone away. It can be crushing to feel that maybe you’re resigned to your life not changing. But I can’t wish enough for you to realise that persistence and discipline become your motivation. And in fact become a STRONGER motivator!

You just have to taste it to realise that there is so much power in doing what you thought you couldn’t; pushing through. Not only that but knowing that while others are just flicking through Netflix in the evening, you’re working on your goals, bringing them into some sort of reality.

That quite resonants with me from my time training for London marathon. I’d be up at 6am in the wind and the rain pounding out the miles. I wasn’t necessarily cold but I was wet and a little tired. But as I ran down the last bit of road home, I felt that lift hit me. Here was I finishing a run while others were just waking up. Despite the wind, the rain and the comfort of a warm bed I was disciplined enough to put in the training. That was when I realised the power of that quote.

And I will continue to remind all of you who need to hear this: motivation will run out. Discipline, commitment and determination will always feel better and last longer than motivation ever will. And I implore you to think of this quote next time you feel motivation begin to subside.

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