In my working career, effective communication has been at the heart of many of my roles. I propose that no matter how attractive a product is, if it is not communicated effectively then there is little chance you’ll reach your market – it is not the responsibility of the client to make the necessary connections, but the provider has to find the connection to the client. If the client isn’t responding then the communication isn’t working. Employ the right language to get engagement.

The question is how to achieve the best communication to connect with the client, customer or reader. By working with words and images, I’d attempt to find methods that got the best response. The changes weren’t arbitrary, but designed to elicit a response. If that attempt didn’t prove effective, I’d alter the approach and test again. Attempting to learn something from each attempt getting closer to an effective communication, for a better response. These qualities are vital in assisting clients to reach passed their obstacles and be responsive.