A selection of comments and feedback from recent group and individual sessions:

  •  from this week: “Thank you very much for this morning – feeling inspired!
  • “I’m doing really well .. the work we did together and the techniques you taught me have really helped me to manage my mind much better. I’ve noticed my less effect from the changing light in the Spring and now heading into Autumn/Winter. I’m really grateful for the help you gave me.” – Tom P.
  • “Finding Ben was a pivotal and much needed awakening to my personal growth. He was able to very quickly distil issues and put in place tools and suggestions for me to regain clarity and focus. His out of hours commitment to making your change happen was amazing, a real source of support and in making new awakenings effective. I would highly recommend Ben as well as thank him for empowering real change in my life.” – Jon N.
  • Ben is open and very understanding and nonjudgemental.
  • “I got a lot from the session and would highly recommend it.” 
  • Calm, confident, resourceful, inspiring, encouraging, honest.A great overview of thoughts and ideas to help you arrive at what will work best for you.”
  • “A great session – very useful and engaging.”
  • “Really useful time spent…well worth the effort to attend.”
  • “Really glad I did this – really valuable and effective use of my time which will help me going forward”